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List of Compulsory Dances

In the dance stream, there are 30 compulsory dances set by Skate Canada. A separate test is held for each dance. They are grouped into categories that align with the free skate levels:

Level Dance List
  1. Dutch Waltz
  2. Canasta Tango
  3. Baby Blues
Junior Bronze
  1. Swing Dance
  2. Fiesta Tango
  3. Willow Waltz
Senior Bronze
  1. Ten-Fox
  2. Fourteenstep
  3. European Waltz
Junior Silver
  1. Foxtrot Harris
  2. Tango
  3. American Waltz
  4. Rocker Foxtrot
Senior Silver
  1. Paso Doble
  2. Starlight Waltz
  3. Blues
  4. Cha Cha Congelado
  5. Kilian
  1. Viennese Waltz
  2. Westminster Waltz
  3. Quickstep
  4. Argentine Tango
  5. Silver Samba
  1. Ravensburger Waltz
  2. Tango Romantica
  3. Rhumba
  4. Yankee Polka
  5. Austrian Waltz
  6. Golden Waltz