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Spectator Rules 





  • Enter ONLY if Spectators are Permitted to Attend the session. 
  • Only ONE Spectator per Skater permitted. 
  • Must COMPLETE Daily Health Screening at front desk. Please familiarize yourself with these questions and DO NOT enter if you will not pass the health screening questions. 
  • Face Masks are MANDATORY and must be worn at ALL times. 
  • Must follow all facility physical distancing guidelines/measures/wayfinding arrows.  
  • Must maintain physical distance of 2 meters from all other individuals. 
  • Exit PROMPTLY at session end. 
  • Only sit in ONE designated seat for the duration of the session. 


Spectator FAQ 


Spectator FAQ - BSC @ Lebrun (as of October 22nd, 2020) 

1. Where do I Sit? You MUST sit ONE of the designated seat in the stands. They are labeled by the facility in accordance with physical distancing measures. You can stand on one of the marked viewing areas against the glass as well, but we ask that you sit if possible. A reminder that only Coaches and Skaters are permitted in the dressing room hallway. 

2. Can I move around the rink? NO. Our Coaches, Board Members and Administrators have worked tirelessly to get our skaters back on the ice during this pandemic. Movement causes distraction and our skaters and coaches can lose valuable lesson time. Please remain seated while you are watching the session. 

3. Can I use the facility washroom? YES. You can use the facility washroom during the session time as long as you are the Spectator accompanying a skater on the ice and have properly checked in upon entering. Please promptly return to your seat and follow proper hand washing hygiene.

4. Can I come late? NO. We will not allow spectators to enter the facility after the start of the session. The front doors will be locked after the start of the session, and opened only in time for the next skater group to enter (15 minutes before their session).

5. Can I leave early? Yes, you may leave earlier than the session end time. Please make sure that you exit promptly through the designated exit (the double doors labeled Emergency Exit & Exit ONLY). REMINDER- Once you have exited you will not be permitted to re-enter. 

6. Can I talk to my skater, or my skater's Coach during the session? NO. In order to properly contact trace and minimize any potential contact, Spectators must not seek interaction with their skater and/or the Coaches (unless approached) during the session. 

7. How do I know Spectators are permitted at the session? A Spectator Schedule with entrance times and  whether or not Spectators are permitted will be posted on the entrance door of the facility. We will also be posting on Social Media, so make sure you are following us! 

Questions or Concerns please email 


*These guidelines are in place to insure the safety of all our participants. Your due diligence is greatly appreciated.