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Ettiquette & Rules

General Rules

  1. Good sportsmanship is expected at ALL TIMES
  2. Skaters must adhere to the session plan:
    1. Dance - skaters are to work on dance or edges
    2. Skills – skaters are to work on skills, footwork or field moves
    3. Free Skate – skaters are to work on free style (only exception is if there is a dance partner available)
    4. Spins – spins only
  3. Spins are to be practiced in the centre of the ice between the 2 blues lines and the 4 red circles. Only spin outside this area of you are in a solo run through with the music playing. During the spin session, the full ice surface should be used.
  4. All jumps are to be practiced towards the ends of the ice surface unless in a solo run through with music playing.
  5. If you fall, get up immediately! Safety is always important.
  6. Do not stand in the centre of the ice – keep moving at all times. If you need a break you are to stand at the boards.
  7. Priority for music is given to professional coaches.
  8. Skaters doing solos have the right of way. Be aware of who is skating a solo and stay out of the way.
  9. If you are skating to or from the boards remember to do so quickly and always look left and right before heading into traffic!
  10. Only plastic water bottles are allowed on the boards. Please remove all belongings when leaving the ice. No gum chewing or eating permitted.
  11. No cell phones, discmans, mp3 players, ipods, etc will be permitted on the ice. Example, no discmans to choreograph programs.
  12. Please be polite and patient with the individuals who are playing music for you.
  13. Please be polite and respectful to other skaters and coaches on the ice.
  14. Work hard and have FUN!!!

Playing Music

  1. A music-playing volunteer parent will be assigned every IceStar and STARSkate session. If the designated parent cannot be present for his/her session, the parent must find a substitute for the session.
  2. The designated parent will also look after buy-ins.
  3. A fee will be charged to parents who do not fulfill their music playing obligations according to the published schedule.


  1. Female skaters are encouraged to wear skating dress or skirts at all times. On cold days, however, appropriate pants will be accepted – no jeans.
  2. Male skaters must wear skating pants at all times.
  3. All Skaters must wear warm-up sweaters or fitted jackets. No hoodies permitted on the ice.
  4. Long hair must be up (pony tail, braids, etc)

Discipline Guidelines

  1. Absolutely no drugs, alcohol or smoking. Skaters breaking this rule will face possible suspension or removal from Bedford Skating Club.
  2. Dressing rooms, change areas and other areas around the rink are to be left clean and all debris to be picked up.
  3. Treat other people as you wish to be treated.
  4. Acts of vandalism to arena premises or equipment belonging to BSC or Centennial Arena will face possible suspension or removal from Bedford Skating Club Spring School.
  5. Appropriate attire will be required for all sessions.
  6. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  7. Failure to abide by the above guidelines may result in the participant being sent home immediately at his or her own expense and will be denied future programs of the Bedford Skating Club. 

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