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Helmets are mandatory for CanSkate stages 1-5 inclusive regardless of age. No bike helmets allowed! Helmets with a cage are highly recommended for CanSkate, especially new skaters.


For the beginner, skates do not need to be expensive. The keys to look for are:

  • The right size - a skate that is too big will not give ankle support and can cause injuries. To easily test, have the skater push their toes all the way to the front of the skate. If you can put more than a pencil down the back to your child's ankle, the skate is too big
  • Figure skates should not bend in against the ankle - if the skates are bending when they are being tried on, they will continue to bend more during practice and will not provide ankle support
  • Ankles should not lean in or out when wearing hockey skates - this means either the skates are too big or the ankles are not strong enough to hold themselves up yet. If the skates are the proper size and the ankles are falling in or out, we recommend figure skates (or recreational skates that look like a figure skating book but are more padded and often come in colours)
  • Avoid plastic skates! - These don't allow the skater to bend properly and they are often much higher off the ice

Skate Care

  • Guards - Hard skate guards should always be worn by higher level skaters when walking around off the ice. They are not necessary for CanSkate but are available. All skaters should have soft guards to cover the blade while in the bag. This helps protects the blade and bag while also removing any excess moisture from the blade
  • Sharpening - Skates should be sharpened approximately every 30 hours. New skates must be sharpened before the first use. Recommended sharpeners are listed below:
The Sharpening Stone
Carolyn & Dale Haverstock
*available for pick up/drop off at rink if arranged prior

Skates on the Move
Shaun & Francis Mury
5 Estates Rd, Lower Sackville

  • Drying - Skates must be dried off after each use. Figure skates should also be removed from the bag at home so any excess moisture can dry off. This helps protect the leather on the sole from rotting

Clothing & Accessories

  • Wear layers! 
  • Do not wear jeans!
  • A small pair of gloves with mittens over top will allow skaters to still use their hands while also keeping their hands warm
  • Hair must be pinned back. Headbands are not recommended with helmets as they usually get pushed down and cover the eyes

Every skate bag should have the following:

  • a towel to wipe blades
  • extra gloves/mittens
  • water bottle
  • Kleenex
  • bandaids
  • Soft skate guards

Higher level skaters should also have:

  • Hhard skate guards
  • skipping rope
  • extra leggings and/or tights
  • blister bandaids
  • extra laces

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