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Junior Academy 

Junior Academy (formerly known as STARSkate Development) is Bedford Skating Club's bridge between CanSkate and the full STARSkate. The program is 2 days/week and is for skaters in Stage 4-6 with an interest in figure skating. Only skaters eligible are to register for this program. Lower level skaters may also be selected to participate based on a number of factors including interest, ability, and family support. The program allows skaters to complete the CanSkate program at an accelerated rate while also learning more figure skating specific skills and being able to practice on their own for a small amount of time.

Stations are led by professional coaches and include:

  • A CanSkate circuit to help skaters continue to learn and practice basic skating skills
  • A figure skating area that teaches a variety of figure skating specifc skills including beginner STARSkate jumps, spins, turns, and ice dance steps. Skaters are not expected to master these skills at this level but instead have the opportunity to see what they will be doing more of in the full STARSkate program
  • An individual practice area with testing and guidance. The full STARSkate program requires skaters who work on their own when not in lessons. This alone time is key for skill development to allow for repetition and to give skaters the opportunity to start figuring out how skills feel. When in this station, the skaters will be encouraged to use the ice and practice whatever skills they feel they need to improve on, skills they have practiced in the other stations and skills they need to pass their ribbons.  

If you are interested in joining this program, please contact Stephanie Steele-Jacobsen, Program Manager, at